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Top 5 books in the area of Investment

Top 5 books in the area of Investment

Top 5 books in the area of Investment and finance. Here is a list of the top 5 books that everyone should read if you are interested in the area of Investment. These books will help you to get knowledge in the field of Investment and financial expertise. The books have all the plans and strategies which are required to plan a business and in the area of Investment and finance —-


Top 5 books in the field of Investment

RICH DAD POOR DAD is the book which was written by Robert Kiyosaki in the year 1997. It is the book that every young investor must-read. This is a classic reading book. In this, the writer explained that the imperfect works to earn money, and the rich works to remove there mind stress. He tells all about the financial literacy in this book to avoid the rat race and become financially independent .the book is well managed with its concepts in every aspect of finance. The text is full of knowledge, and the ideas explained in this book are written in a straightforward language. So a young investor must read this book.



THE INTELLIGENT INVESTOR book is written by Benjamin Graham in the year 1994. This book is hailed by Warren Buffet and is the best investing book ever written. Graham delves about the stock history in a very convening way that the reader has no problem to read. The writer of this book is very much intelligent in the field of investing. He tells the way to manage the portfolio in both the negative and the positive ways. So, in my opinion, if you are planning to work in the field of investing, then this is the most recommended or must-read book for the young and the experienced investor.


3. Think and grow rich

Think and grow rich book is written by Napoleon Hill in the year 1937. The name of the book is also so much convening that just by thinking you can get rich HAHAHA, but that’s not true enough . in this book, he told 13 principles about the achievement of success. The book convicts about the abundance of progress. The author says that success does not come overnight. It requires all the skills and knowledge of Investment, which is damn right. The book was so much famous that time that 100 million copies of the book were sold worldwide. It is a kick start to the young investors.


4. Stock for long run

Stock for long run book was written by Jeremy Siegel in the year 1994. By the name of the book, you would be getting the content inside the book. The author very well teaches that how to hold your stocks for long terms and also gives the knowledge that how to deal with the shares for long runs, and also, according to the author, the stocks which are in the equity will not bring you any profit. According to the author, the stocks which are having long term investment will give you more returns.


5. A random walk down on wall street

A random walk down on wall street book was written by Burton G. Malkiel in the year 1973. In this book, the writer of the book tells the different ways of Investment. According to the writer, the investor with all the fundamental and technical knowledge cannot beat the market. Still, the investor who can understand the market inflation will win the market. I genuinely like the thought of the investor that was written in this book. I would recommend this book to every investor that they should read this once in their life before or during Investment.

So these were the list of Top 5 books in the area of Investment that every investor should read once so that they will get a kick start in the carrier of Investment or any other business. The books are very much crucial for the youngsters to begin their carrier in the field of Investment and finance and will help them good start I hope you like the stuff about Investment and will try to bring more content like this soon so keep yourself updated and also make sure that you write the email address in this field of the email to get the notifications about the blog.

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