Top Music and video editing software for PC
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Top Music and video editing software for PC

Top Music and video editing software for PC

Music and video editing software are necessary for computers and laptops. There are tons of software that are used for editing music or video. Still, there is also some unique software that is available on the internet, which edits music and video to the next level. Due to there additional features, they are unique and make music and video editing to the next level. Here is some personally recommended software used for video and music editing——




This is a music editing software with tons of unique features in it. This editing software has all the best tools to complete audio projects.

Now let’s see the key features of this software—

This software provides a complete multitracker, voice recorder, mixer, and multitrack recorder. The best about this software is it can get converted into a digital recording studio just by using a windows card. This is a very premium software and best to use for music editing.

Price — The price of this software is $20.99 per month

Now let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of this software—


1. Robust tools for restoring sound.

2. Suppressing and reducing noise.

3.Useful visualization tool.


1.Only available using the subscription.

2. You can not burn cd in this.





This is the most advanced video editing software with some most unique and advance features. This video editing software is best and easy to use as the Apple product; it must have come with the package of enough features as per the price tag. I liked the grouping tools, effect options, and the straightforward way you can add and edit audio.  Now let’s talk about the key feature of this app.

The app comes with multi-cam editing software, color balancing feature, and also with unlimited video tracks.

Now let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of this software—

Advantages —-

  1. The software provides a large number of options to the editor to edit the video also with some advance options.
  2. The software is easy to use.


  1. Only used for mac users.
  2. The storage required is very much to use the software.

Overall, I would recommend this software to use as it provides tons of options to edit videos, and also YouTubers can edit their videos here as it has many options in it.

Price— The software comes with 30 days of free trial.


This were the best software that can be used for audio and video editing; also, there are tons more, but these two have some high-end features which make them unique from others.

Here is the list of some open-source video and audio editing software for windows other than this —





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