Top platforms to learn new skills
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Top platforms to learn new skills

Top platforms to learn new skills

Top platforms to learn new skills. There are specific platforms that provide us the opportunity to learn the skills and explore the route that we wanted to learn. The platforms available are online, and we can get access to the course anytime, anywhere in the world. Only we require login id and the password the access them. These platforms have a professional way of teaching, and also they provide different kinds of assignments and mock tests so that the student did not forget to practice the skills. The courses and the skills available are in good quality, and it feels that you are attending the live lectures of them. They provide all the facilities for the interaction so that the doubt and the problems can be solved at a time. The courses are available at a meager price, and you get lifetime access to the class. Also, you get certification on completing the course, which you can add on to the resume or job CV to gain some advantage. Now let’s talk about the site —-



Udemy is the top platform to learn new skills. This is an online learning platform that focuses on learning for professional adults and students. At present, there are more than 50 million students who are enrolled in a different course and learning professional skills. There are 57000 instructors or teachers who are teaching, and there are 65+ language options in which you can learn the skills. They provide the course at a meager price and also offer completion certificates, which can help students.



Unacademy app is also an online educational technology-based company based in Bangalore. This platform is prepared for the students who are making any kind of competitive exams, neet, IIT, and many more. In these educational platforms, many trained teachers have already cleared this all exams or have experience in this filed.



This is a for-profit site that is made to provide online education or skills to the student. This is an American based online company that was founded by two computer science students. The motive of the company is the same as of UDEMY.



This platform is my personally recommended platform as it provides us every skill we can learn. There are tons of skills that you can explore on this website. They also offer 30 days of a free trial, which is a perfect thing about the site. The motive is to explore new skills or advance the skills which you already know, and then it is the best platform to learn. All you need is a good internet connection and system on which you will learn.



This platform is also another online course learning platform tailored to business professionals. With more than 1000 business courses on business growth, web development, digital marketing, they provide excellent platforms to grow up your professional skills and keep yourself up to date. They also offer us certifications, which will help to grow up your resume.


These were the top picks of the online platforms which are available to develop upon your skill and grow your knowledge. And the good thing is that you are not having any time limit or restrictions. They are available with lifetime access and also provides certification on completion of the course.


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