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What is cyberbullying and its prevention.

What is cyberbullying and its prevention.

What is cyberbullying and its prevention—

Cyberbullying or cyberharassment is a kind of harassment done using digital tools and electronic means. This kind of bullying is also called online bullying. Online bullying is widespread nowadays, especially in teenagers. With the increase in technology, cybercrime and cyberbullying are increasing day by day. It is known as hating gossip drama or trolling among the kids. Whatever we call it, this has become a severe issue nowadays and increasing day by day and is damaging emotionally and tragic consequences. As the spread of cyberbullying is rapid, so many teenagers are affected by this as a target, as a bully or as a silent observer.

What is cyberbullying and its prevention.

How is cyberbullying done?

  1. There are many ways how a target was bulled with cyberbullying—spreading the mean or threatening messages by email, text, or other social media platforms.
  2. They are spreading gossip and other embarrassing rumors about someone on social media.
  3. Spreading embarrassing photos of someone on the social media platform without his or her permission.
  4. Trolling someone by making embarrassing content and trolling them on social media.
  5. Creating online negative polls and ratings about them without telling them.
  6. Hacking into someone’s account and getting their stuff is also a kind of cyberbullying.
  7. Tricking someone and getting personal information about someone and then spreading it widely are some of the ways how someone is been bullied online.

Now let us see the preventions and precautions which can be done to prevent the spread of cyberbullying —

  1. Talk –

The first method is that the parents and the kids must have a conversation with each other on this topic so that they could find out the solution and could prevent cyberbullying.

  1. Use celebrity card—

The parents should use the celebrity card they should give the examples of the celebrity who talks about cyberbullying so that the kid or the target can understand it in his way.

3.monitor online activity—

The parents should monitor the online movements of the kids, what things they are watching online, and how they are using social media platforms. Because prevention is better than cure.

4. Maintain a positive environment—

There should be a positive environment which should be maintained. The school staff can do a big deal to prevent cyberbullying. They should provide proper education for this thing to the students and also preventions should be told to the students.

  1. follow the laws—

There are so many laws that are made to prevent cyberbullying so that the target or the bully gets the proper justice.

The ultimate goal is to restore your self-respect, so don’t worry, there are many ways to finish cyberbullying just keep clam and follow the rules and laws made by the government. But I think that prevention is better than cure, so just be safe and use the social media platform in the right ways.



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