WhatsApp: Why Americans Don't
WhatsApp: Why Americans Don't
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WhatsApp: Why Americans Don’t Use It


WhatsApp: Why Americans Don’t Use WhatsApp is the world’s single most common messaging app. With an estimated 1.5. Per month, billions of people. Use it in India worldwide, 400 million a month, alone in the US. However, you get a lot of confused faces if you approach someone on the street and ask them if they are using WhatsApp. Why is one of the most famous apps in the world, practically unknown in this nation? Here’s a breakdown of WhatsApp, and why Americans don’t use it.


WhatsApp: Why Americans Don't
WhatsApp: Why Americans Don’t

You’re watching a show where we demystify the technologies that are shaping the future. I’m your host, Riley Quinn. So, what is WhatsApp, it’s a messaging app that launched in 2009, and grew so quickly that Facebook bought it in 2014 for a whopping $19. billion. This is still Facebook’s largest acquisition today. And one of the largest tech acquisitions in history as a comparison. Facebook only spent a billion dollars to buy, Instagram, Facebook, obviously thinks WhatsApp is important, but just 20% of Americans use it regularly. That’s why less than other countries. The reason. Texting in the US is pretty easy. And it wasn’t so easy in other countries like India. Before WhatsApp came along, most Indians had to pay a lot of money to text their friends and family. During busy times like the holidays, it was even more expensive to text. Then WhatsApp arrived, just around the same time that 3 g was coming to India, and just a few years after the Indian market started to enter iPhones. . It was the perfect storm for WhatsApp dominate. And the same thing happened in tons of other countries around the world. In the US, texting is cheap and works really well. Back in the day, Americans didn’t even text. These aims, talk to their friends.


What’s app in the up coming world

So, everyone could chat with their high school crush on eighth in India. They basically leapfrog desktop PC computing and went directly into mobile. The other big reason why Americans don’t use WhatsApp, we don’t travel, at least not as much as people from other countries. According to Forbes only 42% of Americans, even have a passport. That’s way less than other developed countries like Canada and the UK. In the US, the best group that actually uses WhatsApp is the Latin x community. And they’re often talking to people in other countries. Most Americans don’t do that, their friends and families all live here. A majority of the US population hasn’t seen the need for another messaging app like WhatsApp, when it comes to messaging, America moves to the beat of its own from what might be right for India, Europe and the Middle East, may not be right for us. It takes different strokes of the keyboard to move the world.


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